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Back to the Blogging Board.

You may have noticed a months-long gap in my posts. I’ve definitely noticed. That doesn’t mean I’m less committed to raging about Mark Bittman (aka Mark ‘ I say one thing but do the exact opposite’ Bittman) and the injustices inflicted upon animals, I’ve just been busy. And distracted. For one, I was making major decisions about what to do regarding the F word: My FUTURE. I’ve decided to go back to school and pursue my Master’s in Social Work, because in this economy, one Master’s degree isn’t enough. Actually, it’s because I’ve decided I want to eventually become a licensed therapist, and I need an advanced Master’s to do that. Also, I love school, so why not?

There was that. Then, I began nannying an 8 (9 this week) going on 30 year-old girl. I’d forgotten how much work it is to be around kids, especially kids that age, and I come home mentally exhausted. She knows I’m vegan and asks tons of questions about it, particularly about my appearance, why I think animals are hurt when they give milk and eggs, and if I think she’s a bad person for eating animals. We’ve had some honest talks and I’ve shared with her some pages out of Ruby Roth’s Vegan is Love, but she continues to say that she’d never stop eating meat. She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes, thinks zoos that hurt animals are bad, etc., so this is definitely a touchy subject- especially because she’s not my kid. I’ll come back to this topic, as it’s the focus of my next post. Her mom used to be a vegetarian, and I have not yet asked about her reasons for going back to eating meat, but I think we’ll have that chat at some point as well. She did buy me this tasty treat when I mentioned missing Fluff (New Englanders, represent!) however, and still eats a lot of veggie foods: Suzanne’s Ricemellow Creme

Finally, we just adopted our second pup, Sigmund-yes, after Freud, not because I idolize him but because I think it’s a great name and he had some great ideas. Also, this Sigmund answers to two strong women 🙂 He’s going on 19 weeks, is half Chihuahua half Dachschund (they call them Chiweenies) and is absolutely adorable and as energetic as they come. We have another rescue, Maya, and she’s about 4 1/2. She’s a Beagle/Pitt/Terrier mix and needed a friend, and how could you say no to this face?

So, life moves quickly. Our garden is coming along beautifully, and we are cooking tons of tasty dishes. We’ve been indulging in Smart Dogs as a Sunday night ritual lately (guilty) because they are now super grillable, jumbo sized, and taste amazing on a hot summer night. I also tried out the Banana Soft Serve from Choosing Raw (with some added dark chocolate chips and peanuts). Delish! Italian ice (vegan) is another nice icy treat this time of year. Cherry is a good flavor. I add frozen blueberries and dried cherries. Sometimes I just freeze a regular old 6oz container of So Delicious coconut milk vanilla yogurt and turn that into some ice cream if I’m feeling too lazy to take out the ol’ scooper and pint of ice cream. We sometimes keep the big containers of soy/coconut/whatever vegan ice cream I picked up that week in our chest freezer (if you don’t have a chest freezer, GET ONE), and if I’m peckish and want my snack ASAP, I go for the easy option. Additions usually include some fresh or frozen fruit (frozen I rinse quickly under cool water).
Anyway, that’s my update for now. I hope to be more regular with the posts as I definitely have plenty to say. I will do my very best to keep that promise even when school starts. I have too many ideas percolating in my head, and they have to go somewhere.
So Delicious: For dairy free goodies, I especially love their yogurts and ice creams and milk and…. everything
Choosing Raw Great resource for incorporating raw foods into your veg diet
LightLife I don’t eat a lot of processed veg foods in general, but I like their Smart Dogs and some of their other products.
Suzanne’s Speciality Shop  Ricemellow Creme. Tastes like Fluff! Need I say more?
Ruby Roth: Vegan Is Love and Other Books She’s been front and center in the vegan parenting debate since her book “Vegan is Love” was published. Because we should lie to our children about where our food comes from? Where we found our two loves. If you are ever considering bringing an animal into your life, PLEASE ADOPT.
Also, on the note of adoption and animals, if you have HBO, this film is incredible:

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